Thursday, 3 August 2017

Sell My House Fast Austin! With a Seller Lease Back!

How our last seller sold us her house FAST ...but moved out of the home slowly!
The seller typed into google "Sell My House Fast Austin" and found us that way, just like you did!

This is what happened. We recently bought a house in Kyle, TX in under 30 days that was somewhat of a unique situation. The house was located on Amber Ash Street in the Kyle, TX. It was in the Amberwood Subdivision which is a newer, really nice area just across the highway from EVO Entertainment. Kyle is a suburb just South of Austin, TX where we have bought several homes in the last year. We love the area especially since it is a very short drive to Southpark Meadows.

We got a lead inputted to our website at where the seller took about 60 seconds to input some basic information about her property. Then we called the seller back immediately. It turns out the seller that typed in “Sell My House Fast Austin” was a really nice lady and her husband. As we always do, we asked the seller that typed in “Sell My House Fast Austin” and found us on google, for the property address and asked her to tell us a little about the house and what she and her husband were looking to do with it.

This house we bought fast was a REALLY NICE newer home, we only had to make some very minor repairs before we sold it. The seller was really glad she had typed in “Sell My House Fast Austin” and found us just in the nick of time and so were we.

If you're thinking "I need to sell my house fast Austin". Watch this video on how we bought this really nice house and closed in just 30 days!

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