Thursday, 10 August 2017

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“Pure and utter rubbish.” “Delighted to my tippy-toes.” “It was terrible and simply shocking.” “It blew my socks off.” “Hated it so much, entirely forgettable.” “It was soft, delicious gorgeousness.” “I would not feed it to my dog.” “I’d like to spread it on my toast.” “Made me break out in a rash.” “Probably the best thing I’ve ever tried.”

Take a survey and tell the world what they think. The statements above are just an example of what others have told brand name companies about their products and services.

Well known companies want to know what you think and will pay cash for your opinion. Yes, your opinion matters a lot and honest feedback is sought on many things. The good, the bad or darn right ugly, it is all important when your opinion is true and it’s what you really, truly think.

You’ll get paid actual cash and other rewards when you take a survey and give your opinion. You can tell a company their product is terrible if that is what you really think, or you can say how amazing and wonderful an experience is if that is your true opinion. Speak-up honestly and just tell it like you see it.

You can take a survey as much as you like: once a day, several times a day, multiple times a week, or everyday, every week. Give your opinion in your spare time, such as after work, in the evenings or on the weekends. The activity easily fits into any schedule and it’s a great way to earn a little extra money to supplement your income.

For most sites, it is simple to sign-up and to get going quickly. Some sites pay you cash others pay in rewards (such as the company services or points towards prizes). If you decide you only want to earn cash when you take a survey, then sign-up at a cash only survey site. Then it’s cash all the way.

After you submit your completed survey, you’ll get cash paid direct into you into your Paypal account or sent to you via a check. Can you hear the sounds of a cash register and money dropping into your bank account already?

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